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Tyler Heal is not only a Barista, but a coffee and writing fiend. He's the editor (and owner) of Coffee Grind Guru, a blog that's dedicated to providing coffee lovers of all experience levels with the knowledge needed to improve their daily cup o' joe.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker For 2019

​After reading this comprehensive guide on the five best single-serve coffee makers, you should feel more confident going online or in-store to select the system that best fits your needs without breaking the piggy bank.  Quick Navigation IntroductionBackgroundHow we scored themBest Single Serve Coffee Maker Comparison TableThe Keurig K-Select (The Classic)Nespresso Pixie (The Upgrade)Cuisinart SS-10 […]

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  • Updated June 4, 2019

Ultimate Coffee Roasting Guide

After reading this comprehensive guide on coffee roasting and coffee roasting techniques, you should feel 10x’s more confident turning those little green seeds (yes, they are seeds before beans) into a mighty fine cup o’ joe! But consider yourself warned:  this process can be made as simple or as complex as the coffee drinker himself […]

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  • Updated June 3, 2019

Elevate Smart Coffee Review

After reading this Elevate Coffee Review, you should have a better idea of the possible, though probable, health and wellbeing benefits this coffee additive seeks to provide its consumer:  you!      We, like you dear reader, are simply trying to stay ahead of any trends (hype-ful, hopeful, helpful, or otherwise) while also remaining true to […]

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  • Updated June 11, 2019

Quick Guide to Coffee Tasting

“Coffee and wine and all things fine!” might be a rallying cry for some, but what marks each drink as distinctive, excellent, and, yes, even presidential? Come with us as we endeavor to discover what makes a certain bean so prestigious with a return to our coffee brewing guides so that you too, oh-humble-cup-o’-joe drinker […]

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  • November 15, 2018

CBD Coffee Guide – What you need to know.

So, we ‘spose it was only a matter of time until the world finally caught up with what we have known all along:  everything is better with coffee! Coffee pairings are great, sure, but infusions are where we see our creativity reach the highest of heights (no pun intended (trust us, you’ll ‘get’ this further […]

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  • Updated December 6, 2018

Guide to Coffee as a Modern-Day Medicine

From every beauty queen to John Lennon, the drive to end world hunger has never really been one without support. That said, the solution has remained elusive. But does that mean it is an impossible feat? Absolutely not! It just requires a little coffee-driven creativity. If you’re a regular reader and purveyor of ‘the good […]

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  • November 5, 2018

Gender Equality In Green Coffee Production

Few would argue that the hot-button issue of gender equality and equal pay in the workplace is going anywhere anytime soon. But does that apply only to developed nations like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the United States, and the United Kingdom? Well, certainly not in our (most) humble opinion! Below is a brief look at how […]

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  • Updated November 3, 2018

Our Salute to those Who Serve!

Veteran Coffee Roasters: Our Salute To Those Who Serve! And we are not just talking about your barista, who, yes, technically ‘serves’ you a cup o’ joe when you find yourself short on time or needing a break from our robust-a (no pun intended) coffee brewing guides, but those who protect and defend the nation […]

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  • October 19, 2018

Bulletproof Guide to, er, Bulletproof Coffee! (recipe)

Bulletproof Guide To Our Bulletproof Coffee Recipe Do you take your coffee like you take your day? Strong? Ready? Awake? Alert? If the answer is a resounding “NO!”, then this guide is for you and will take you through why coffee with a bit of a punch (or bulletproofing, as it were) is just what […]

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  • Updated October 19, 2018