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Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee (infographic)

Tyler HealTyler Heal is not only a Barista, but a coffee and writing fiend. He’s the editor (and owner) of Coffee Grind Guru, a blog that’s dedicated to providing coffee lovers of all experience levels with the knowledge needed to improve their daily cup o’ joe.

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  • August 31, 2018

The Espresso Compass (infographic)

Get familiar with the Espresso Compass:  like any good roadmap, it is best to know where you are at presently and where you want to go.  So, look at the cup and determine what taste you currently experience and what taste and mouthfeel you are trying to achieve.NOTE:  espresso should have a mouthfeel as well as a crema strong enough to support sugar for a brief […]

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  • Updated October 9, 2018

The Coffee Compass (infographic)

Get ready to have some fun! The coffee compass is like a game of Monopoly:  let it send you off in the right direction by taking a spin with the compass wheel in the upper, right-hand corner! Where are you going?  by assessing your current cup o’ joe you might be heading toward more coffee or less […]

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  • Updated April 20, 2019
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