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Bulletproof Guide to, er, Bulletproof Coffee! (recipe)

Bulletproof Guide To Our Bulletproof Coffee Recipe Do you take your coffee like you take your day? Strong? Ready? Awake? Alert? If the answer is a resounding “NO!”, then this guide is for you and will take you through why coffee with a bit of a punch (or bulletproofing, as it were) is just what […]

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  • Updated October 19, 2018

Delicious Vanilla Latte Recipe(s)

CoffeeGrindGuru knows that coffee goes well beyond the wake-up call.  In our humble opinion, coffee is… a reward.a pick-me up.a celebration.  What coffee is not, again, in our most humblest opinion, is… difficult to make.difficult to procure.difficult to understand and, therefore, difficult to enjoy.We’re here to help you achieve that celebratory cuppa without spending a small fortune for a daily […]

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  • Updated September 7, 2018
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