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CBD Coffee Guide – What you need to know.

cannabis coffee

So, we ‘spose it was only a matter of time until the world finally caught up with what we have known all along:  everything is better with coffee! Coffee pairings are great, sure, but infusions are where we see our creativity reach the highest of heights (no pun intended (trust us, you’ll ‘get’ this further on)). So, without further ado, we would like to introduce you to a cuppa cannabis-inspired coffee!

As with all our posts, guides, and reviews, we want to be clear when we say that we do not buy into every little gimmick in the world of coffee. 


We simply want to make sure you, dear reader, are aware and informed and getting the straight dope (sorry, too soon for another pun?) when it comes to the latest crazes in our quirky counterculture. Moreover, we want to allow you to decide whether it’s worth your time to invest in something untested and, quite possibly, untrue.

That said, we’re sure you are more than aware that cannabis has been made legal in Canada (recreational and medicinal) and is seeing careful legislative reviews across different states in the US. This says nothing of the deregulation and decriminalization of marijuana (aka cannabis) in Uruguay and the relatively open culture of the little plant in the Netherlands, which begs the question:

Why coffee and cannabis now?  Isn’t that the whole premise of Amsterdam and, er, coffeeshops?

Well, yes and no. Read on to learn more about both of these biological (and chemical) wonders and how they really are a match together in the same cup or just simple in one another’s company.

Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Chemistry

cbd coffee

Forgive us, but we are slightly passionate (ok, outright geeky) when it comes to our coffee, chemistry, and, now, cannabis. Moreover, though, we’re also very committed to your safety.

So, please do bear with us as we take you through some of the finer points on the latter and why you will want to gradually introduce new chemicals to your body, brain, and more.

Cannabis (or marijuana or pot or weed (but we will try to refrain from calling this genius little plan something so derogatory as it really is a miracle of bio-chemistry)) is a plant with over 500 components. Of those, 104 are cannabinoids that possess a myriad of powers that can be used for both good or ill.

The two the coffee connoisseur and cup o’ joe drinker might know best are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

And, yes, while we know that last one is a mouthful, it is important to make the distinction:  THC is what gives many folks an often unpleasant high as it is the psychoactive portion of the plant. The former (i.e., CBD) is the friendlier version that you, dear reader, are likely to find in your coffee.

In, on, or around?

amsterdam coffee shops

This leads us into (ok, we’ll stop now!) a few more clarifying points with regards to the possible confusion around coffeehouses in Amsterdam, pairings, and infusion-based drinks.

First off, cannabis is actually illegal in the Netherlands, but law enforcement is quite lax when it comes to the industry and, so, monitors the ‘front door/back door’ policy currently in effect. NOTE:  this is just a fancy way of saying that business is welcome through the front-of-house, but the supply of the drug is still required to go through the back and by way of the black market.

Second, and as still further confirmation that safety is important here, one should always, always, always know the source of his/her cannabis. This should come standard and regardless of whether you find yourself abroad and looking for some recreational fun or at home seeking a bit of medical relief.  The bottom-line is that both THC and CBD can be manipulated and redesigned (e.g., THCA, THCV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDA, etc.) to include various acids that could negatively impact the heart, liver, or brain.

Next, and in keeping with this theme, many coffeeshops in Amsterdam or Uruguay are more about pairing than infusing coffee.

pairing cannabis and coffee

Weird, right?

Well, not really when one dives more deeply into the compounds and molecular structures of cannabis. The plant and her components are incredibly averse to water (and last time we checked, a good cup o’ joe definitely demands some quality H2O). This is precisely why, however, coffeeshops and purveyors of fine psychoactive goods are keen to make suggestions and recommendations around pairing coffees with cannabis based on roast types (light coffees pair well with cannabinoid hybrids) as well as brewing methods (indica cannabinoids love the French press).

coffee and cannabis pairing

That does not mean smoking and consuming cannabis can only occur around coffee, but the coffee drinker who wants to dabble (HA! Get it?) in this potential concoction should be warned:  the CBD coffee or THC coffee will more than like be on the brew in its oil-y nano-emulsified form.

Conclusion:  What to expect now and in the future

Coffeeshops (er, shops that serve coffee) around the world are trying their hand at improving the overall taste of this cup o’ joe so that drinkers experience all the healthy (yes, you heard right) benefits of CBD coffee, but without the overpowering taste akin to an Irish coffee.

Thus, the creatives here at CoffeeGrindGuru.com, encourage you and yours to investigate all the psychological and physiological benefits of this plant (e.g., reduction in seizures, inflammatory diseases, nausea on account of chemotherapy treatments, migraines, anxieties, and more).

Additionally, we also only encourage this after carefully considering the potential side effects of cannabis and her many components, which can include increased heart rate, coordination issues (i.e., do not drink and drive, ever), dry mouth, red eyes, delayed reaction times, and momentary forgetfulness.

Trust us, this isn’t your mom or dad’s stash; it should be treated like a medicine with doses starting very small and scaling upwards...over time.

Regardless of your choice to pursuit this plant-based drink (or not), we truly hope you found this article more hope-ful than hype-ful.

Here’s to a not-so long or strange trip!  Bon voyage!

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