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Our Salute to those Who Serve!

Veteran Coffee Roasters: Our Salute To Those Who Serve!

veteran coffee roasters

And we are not just talking about your barista, who, yes, technically ‘serves’ you a cup o’ joe when you find yourself short on time or needing a break from our robust-a (no pun intended) coffee brewing guides, but those who protect and defend the nation near, far, and in the home.

As we approach Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in the U.K., the team here at CoffeeGrindGuru wanted to take a moment to salute those who serve overseas, at home, and on our streets.

So, that said, thank you.

But, let’s be real:  is one day enough, er, these days?

There are men and women serving in dangerous locations day-in and day-out, first responders hitting the beat every day, and moms and dads at home holding the fort down.

But what is one to do?

Well, we’ve got a solution:  purchase your sustainably sourced coffee beans from Veteran owned and operated roasters, brewers, retailers, purveyors of fine goods, and franchisers.

Here’s why:

The Mission:

the mission

In the spirit of full transparency, some of us here at CoffeeGrindGuru are veterans, but that should not put you off since we happen to have our own mission, vision, and core values that just so happen to overlap with many former first-responder roasters, brewers, and baristas.

That said, we all believe in:

  • Top quality coffee
  • Information-sharing on how to brew
  • Humility and humble service
  • Streamlined brewing processes
  • Cost-effective products and affordable equipment

CoffeeGrindGuru believes in removing the pretension around coffee as has become almost standard on some sites and in some locations, which aligns with folks like Black Rifle Coffee Company who also want to return culture to the people who love America.

And who doesn’t love that?

Get Your Fix From These Top Veteran Coffee Roasters

black rifle coffee company

Besides BRC, there are other companies that sell whole beans with the means (like that?) to get you your caffeine fix as well as a side of feel-goods:

And these guys know coffee, trust us. BRC has beans on offer that are great for every brew method from French to Turkish and, especially (which we love), the AeroPress.

This last one is mobile (great (GI) Joe on-the-go) and can be used as designed or inverted for espresso shots in the field, on the farm, in the kitchen, or anywhere you might find yourself.

Consider the Source

green beans coffee franchise

Perhaps you would much prefer to buy your beans at the store or from a local co-op. Not to worry, you can still help veterans, first-responders, and moms and dads on the homefront by visiting a franchised chain should you find yourself in an airport of mall. Consider:

Green Beans Coffee, or:

GI Joe Coffee Kiosk & Coffee House

We love these guys because not only do they offer employment opportunities for everyday Joes, but they also pay it forward by donating proceeds and revenue to folks still serving (e.g., buy a Joe for a Joe) and fighters at home (e.g., Breast Cancer Research (for the Janes, of course!))

Call-to-action, Concluding Remarks, &...A CHALLENGE! 

While your team here at CoffeeGrindGuru prides itself on being unbiased purveyors and reviewers of coffee brewing means and methods, we just wanted to take a moment out of our busy (caffeine-fueled) days to thank all those Joes and Janes and, just maybe, alert you to the possibility of joining us.  Happy Veterans Day regardless!

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