Coffee Without Compromise: The Best Low Acid Decaf Coffee

As much as coffee smells nice and tastes great, not all of us are blessed with the body to handle coffee in its form.

Some coffee may be acidic and may be hard on some gentler stomachs. On top of that, some coffee may deliver too much caffeine, causing some gentler souls to lose sleep at night. 

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The solution is to look for low acid and decaf coffee. Coffees these types should be gentle on the stomach and leave you with a great night’s sleep. What is the best low acid decaf coffee?

Tasting Notes:
Chocolate, Nutmeg, Wild Blackberry
Tasting Notes:
Spice, Cream, Earthy
Tasting Notes:
Almond, Walnut, Brown Sugar, Graham Crackers
Tasting Notes:
Chocolate, Nutmeg, Wild Blackberry
Tasting Notes:
Almond, Walnut, Brown Sugar, Graham Crackers

Our Top Picks for The Best Low Acid Decaf Coffee

Our favorite and top picks for the best low acid, decaf coffees include:

The coffees on this list have been taste tested and compared based on their individual tasting notes but remember that each person has their own palette so your favorite may differ.

Volcanica Low Acid Decaf Coffee Blend

Volcanica has been one of our favorite coffee roasters, as they made some of the best-tasting coffee. They offer a wide range of coffees, and unsurprisingly, they also offer a low-acid, decaf coffee blend. 

The blend combines 100% Arabica and low-acidity coffee beans from Colombia and Brazil. These beans are first treated for washed processing before decaffeinating with the Swiss Water process. This means no chemicals were used during decaffeination. 

These beans are then roasted to a medium level of darkness and packaged for you.

The result is a smooth, easy-to-sip cup of coffee with a medium body and rich taste. Tasting notes include chocolate, nutmeg, and also wildberry. The coffee beans are also kosher-certified.

Lucy Jo’s Organic Decaf Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend

Lucy Jo’s roastery is a family-run coffee roastery located in upstate New York. The name of the blend itself refers to how soft they are to the stomach since they are both low acid and decaf as well. 

Lucy Jo’s blend uses coffee beans from Indonesia and Peru. These beans are decaffeinated before being given a medium-dark roast. The beans are decaffeinated by using the Swiss Water process. No weird-sounding chemicals were used to strip away the caffeine content. 

After brewing, the coffee provides a heavier, bolder, and earthy taste, befitting its medium-dark roasting. Tasting notes include spice and cream. 

This coffee may work better for you if you enjoy darker roasts yet still want to keep the coffee low on acids and caffeine. 

Lucky Goat Signature Decaf Low Acid

Lucky Goat is a cafe and roastery based in Tallahassee, Florida. Aside from roasting coffee, they also operate and run several cafes in Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. They started roasting coffees in 2010 and sourced their coffees from all over the world. 

Their decaf, low-acid offering is quite popular within their line of products. The beans are also Swiss water processed for a cleaner caffeine stripping process. The beans are then roasted to medium darkness. 

In the words of its master roaster, the Lucky Goat signature decaf, low-acid coffee may remind you of the taste of almonds, walnut, brown sugar, and graham crackers.

These tastes are delivered to you in a smooth, easy-to-drink coffee that will be easy on your stomach and heart.

Puroast Low Acid Decaf House Blend

Puroast is a coffee roaster based in High Point, North Carolina. Aside from roasting coffee, they also opened a cafe in Miami, Florida, with another cafe coming soon. 

Puroast claims that their low-acid coffees are 70% lower than regular coffee beans, which means they should be very easy on your tummy. Aside from that, Puroast also claims that their coffee has 7 times more antioxidants than green tea. 

Puroast’s low acid, decaf house blend is made of coffee beans, processed, and decaffeinated before being given a medium roast. Take a sip of it, and you will appreciate its smooth, mellow, and easy-to-sip flavor. You may also notice some tastes of nuts and cinnamon.

Puroast, however, does not clearly indicate the decaffeination process or where they source their beans. Some drinkers generally do not care much about these. Still, if you really do, you may need to rethink if you are comfortable with Puroast.

Iron Brew Low Acid Decaf Brazilian Coffee

Iron Brew may sound like some tough, super dark, and bold coffee, but you will be surprised at how nice this coffee is. Iron Brew is an American, family-owned roastery based in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Iron Brew’s low-acid, decaf coffee is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans from Cerrado, Brazil. These beans are decaffeinated with a Swiss water process to avoid introducing chemicals. They are then given a medium roast and served to you.

Iron Brew coffee may taste creamy and flowery, which may surprise some. This may be because most Brazilian coffees are naturally processed. Hence, they tend to develop a more sugary, flowery taste and flavor. 

This coffee may work well if you enjoy a flowery, herbal-like taste and flavor in your coffee. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the best low-acid decaf coffee can be tricky. Fortunately, the coffees featured in this list are all excellent options.

Whether you prefer bolder, sweeter flavors or have a preference for fruity notes, there’s something here for everyone. 

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