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We love to hear from our readership. We can be reached at [email protected]

In the spirit of our mission and vision statements, we do strongly encourage open dialogue and communication when it comes to what you like on our page or don’t particularly enjoy.  Think of this as a big thumbs up (or down) à la Facebook.  We are only able to bring you the freshest content based on your lively, timely, and relevant may not be a reddit-like site, but we do want open discussion and dialogue taking place around our recipes, reviews, and product guides.

For example, do you work in the San Francisco Bay Area and have the latest hack on what Peet’s is up to?  Share!  What if you’re a denizen in Rio or London and saw just the coolest new charity-based coffee product?  Share!

Truly, and in the spirit of transparency as well as our vision statement, we recognize that we can’t know everything happening the worldover and we want to get the information out about small co-ops, struggling farmholds, and other little guys by way of word of mouth affiliate marketing.

Only in this way can we improve the collective culture that is coffee making, brewing, and luxuriating sans pretension, of course!