Bone Dry Cappuccino – What Is It & How Is It Different?

Have you ever tried a bone dry cappuccino? It’s the latest trend in coffee and it’s a must-try if you’re looking for something new and exciting.

Bone dry cappuccinos are made with espresso, foamed milk, and foam that has been whipped until it is “bone dry.” The end result is a light and airy drink that is perfect for hot summer days.


If you’re curious about how to make this unique coffee drink, keep reading! I’ll show you step-by-step how to create a bone dry cappuccino at home.

What is Bone Dry Cappuccino?

Bone dry cappuccino is a coffee beverage made from espresso and steamed milk. The milk is steamed until it reaches a very high temperature, causing it to turn into thick foam. The foam is poured over the espresso, and the drink is typically served without sugar or flavoring.

A bone dry cappuccino is a type of coffee drink that is made with very little milk. The name refers to the fact that the drink is so dry that it looks like there is no milk at all.

While a traditional cappuccino is made with one part espresso and two parts steamed milk, a bone dry cappuccino is made with two parts espresso and one part steamed milk.

This ratio results in a much stronger and more intensely flavored coffee drink. In addition, the lack of milk makes the drink less sweet and more bitter.

While some coffee drinkers enjoy the bold flavors of a bone dry cappuccino, others find it too intense and prefer to add more milk.

What’s the Difference Between Bone Dry and Traditional Cappuccinos?

Cappuccinos are one of the most popular coffee drinks around, but there can be some confusion about what exactly qualifies as a cappuccino.

Cappuccino infographic

Most people are familiar with the regular cappuccino, which is made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam.

However bone dry cappuccino is made with less steamed milk and more milk foam. As a result it has a richer espresso flavor and a creamier texture.

The air bubbles in the cappuccino foam is what gives the drink its light and airy texture. When made correctly, the foam should be stiff enough to stand up on its own.

For many people, the bone dry cappuccino is the preferred choice. However, it is important to note that both the basic cappuccino and bone dry are equally delicious. It depends on personal taste.

Remember that the milk froth is the biggest difference between bone dry cappuccino and other types of coffee. The high steaming temperature creates a thick, creamy foam that completely covers the espresso.

The History of Bone Dry Cappuccino

Interestingly, bone dry cappuccinos actually have their origins in Italy. In the early 1980s, a group of Italian baristas began experimenting with ways to make espresso-based drinks that were less milky and more intense.

They soon came up with the idea of using very little milk or cream, which resulted in a much drier drink. This new style of cappuccino quickly gained popularity in Italy, and it eventually made its way to the United States in the early 1990s.

The reason why it was called dry cappuccino was that when made correctly, the drink should be so dry that there is no liquid milk left at the bottom of the cup. All the milk is in the foam pillow on top while the espresso shot is in the espresso base.

Since then, the bone dry cappuccino has become one of the most popular drink around.

How To Make The Perfect Bone Dry Cappuccino

Now that you know all about bone dry cappuccinos, it’s time to learn how to make one! I don’t know about you, but all this talk has got me craving a cappuccino – so let me walk you through the steps to make the perfect Bone Dry Cappuccino.

Before we begin, get all of the equipment and ingredients out that you are going to need:

  • An espresso maker
  • Good coffee – the best coffee for all cappuccinos tends to be high in acidity (to combat the alkaline milk), and full-bodied so that the flavor powers through. Try an intense dark roast.
  • Milk – whole milk is generally considered to be the best, but there are plenty of alternatives to suit every dietary requirement
  • A means to heat and froth milk – ideally a specialized milk wand, but even a stove and a whisk would do the trick!
  • A nice cup – warm it slightly before use to keep your coffee warm.

Right, let’s start! Follow these simple steps to make a bone dry cappuccino:

Step 1: Get The Milk Ready 

The ideal temperature is around 140°F. (60 Celcius). If you are using a steam wand begin with the wand just below the surface of the milk, and then begin to move it around to really stretch the milk.

Keep moving around to ensure a good froth. If you are using a saucepan, do not let the milk boil, take it away from the heat and begin whisking! You will want plenty of volume in the foam, so don’t let up!

Step 2: Prepare The Coffee

Measure out the correct amount of ground coffee, 2 tablespoons to be used with 6 ounces (177 ml) of hot water.

Ideally, you will be using an espresso machine, and you can set it to start brewing here. It is also possible to use a French press, pod machine, or drip machine. Position your warm cup and pour in your coffee.

Step 3: Put it all together

Add your foam to the coffee, the ratio should be about 2 parts coffee to one part foam. Create a dome shape with the foam, or if you can do latte art – now is the time to show off your skills!


There you have it! A Bone Dry Coffee for you to enjoy in just three steps!

Homemade Bone Dry Cappuccino – Brewing Tips and Tricks

If you’re a fan of cappuccinos, you know that the key to a great cup is the perfect balance of coffee, milk, and foam. Creating this balance at home can be tricky, but with a little practice, anyone can make a delicious cappuccino at home.

The first step is to choose the right coffee beans. A dark roast will give your cappuccino a bold flavor, while a light roast will result in a milder drink.

Next, it’s time to start brewing. For best results, use a double shot of espresso or very strong coffee. Once the coffee is brewed, add a thick layer of foamed milk.

For a special touch, you can dust your cappuccino with cocoa powder or cinnamon for an extra bit of flavor.

Bone dry cappuccinos are a great alternative to the classic cappuccino, and with a little practice, you can make one at home that’s just as good as anything you’d find in coffee shops from your local barista. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Final Thoughts

So now you know all about Bone Dry Cappuccino – what it is, where it came from, and how to make your own! This distinctive coffee drink is the perfect way to enjoy a rich and intense espresso without being overwhelmed by milk.

I hope you enjoy making (and drinking!) your very own homemade bone dry cappuccino like a pro barista! This is an amazing coffee and one of the most recently popular cappuccino variants.

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