Bulletproof Guide to, er, Bulletproof Coffee! (recipe)

Do you take your coffee like you take your day? Strong? Ready? Awake? Alert? If the answer is a resounding “NO!”, then this guide is for you and will take you through why coffee with a bit of a punch (or bulletproofing, as it were) is just what the drill sergeant ordered!

If you’re like us here at CoffeeGrindGuru, then you refuse to jump at just any ol’ fad.

We have seen, like you, unicorn-themed gut bombs followed by the seemingly healthier avocado espresso (just without all the greens bits) and everything in between. This includes coffee-based protein shakes, coffee-flavored carbonated water, coffee-infused beer, and still more pink and blue brew with flowers, glitter, and who knows what else.

So, how did we get here and how do we get back to all those good coffee health benefits that help you kick-start your day and ditch the brain fog?

Easy! Bulletproof coffee!

Right, you’re thinking. It’s just you said no fads. So, what gives?

Here’s what:  bulletproof coffee, in its truest form, has been around since the days of Alexander the Great and the Silk Road, which is why you might want to think twice about fortifying your morning brew!

Key benefits of bulletproofing your cup o’ joe:

  • Digestive Health
  • Brain health
  • Central nervous sys​​​​tem health
  • Helps reduce risk of type-II diabetes
  • Benefits your Heart
  • Great additive for high-fat, low-carbohydrate doctor-ordered diets
  • Metabolic boosts
  • All-day energy
  • Low cost except a decent quality grinder
  • Little to no equipment required
  • Implement new brew techniques


Facts, not Fads

But before we proceed, we know what you’re thinking:  what about that history bit?

Right, because again, we here at CoffeeGrindGuru do not buy into the latest and greatest in Keto-, Paleo-, or Atkins-type diets; we just want to help you maximize your health by way of coffee without all the sugars and creamers that (usually) culminate in a mid-morning crash.

Still, our ancestors, especially in Afghanistan were onto something when they started adding clotted buffalo milk (i.e., heavy cream circa 2018) to their tea. What’s more, and truly inspiring, is what adding this little bit of fat to caffeine meant, and still means, to them:  family, friends, and hospitality.

Called qaimaq chai, this buffalo brew reminds present-day Afghans of the mountains of their youth when the sun rises and sets as the caffeine and fat turns this concoction a purply-pink hew.

Which is to say, you can get your color-fad fix and still get long-lasting energy.  Here’s how:

Simple 4-Step Bulletproof Coffee Recipe Instructions

bulletproof coffee recipe

  1. Grind a high-caffeine (think lighter roasts here) bean
  2. Brew 8- to 12-ounces, or your standard cup of coffee, using a standard drip method or steeping style
    1. NOTE:  now might not be the time to freestyle a new method like French press as you will be adding butter, coconut oil, or the like later on and will want to avoid grinds in the find brew
  3. Upon completion, add 2 TBSP of grass-fed butter or coconut oil
    1. NOTE:  some folks may suggest ghee or MCT here, but we want to watch out for your pocketbook as you can get the same (and still more natural) effects with our ‘hack’
  4. Stir until creamy and reminiscent of the Hindu Kush mountains…then sip, savor, and get back to work!

Concluding Remarks & A CHALLENGE! 

While this coffee ‘alternative’ is quite obviously not for the faint of heart, bulletproofing your coffee (and life!) has been known to not only last you from an early rise to mid-day, but also improve your brain health and function. It is also an excellent alternative for those looking to cut sugar and flavored creamers out of one’s diet.

That said, we invite you to take the challenge and drop a little history, butter, and oil into your high-caffeine brew.

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