How To Use An Aeropress

As compared to other coffee brewing methods, the AeroPress is relatively new. The method is synonymous with the device with both having been created by Aerobie founder Alan Adler in 2005. The AeroPress is a pressure-based brewing method that is intended to yield a single serving of coffee that is relatively strong in terms of caffeine, but very low in acidity. Thus, the device, and, consequently, the brewing method, will yield a great tasting cup of coffee on par with an espresso, but with a dose of caffeine closer to that of more traditional, drip coffee methods. Using an AeroPress means either brewing coffee as the device was traditionally intended or in an inverted fashion. Additionally, the AeroPress can be used for cold brewing coffee as well.

As with other pressure-based coffee brewing methods, the use of dark espresso beans is highly advised when making a cup of coffee with an AeroPress.

What You’ll Need To Make Aeropress Coffee

  • Heating element and kettle; hotpot
  • An AeroPress with two cylinders (one acts as a beaker with the other acting as a plunger)
  • Filters
  • A funnel (for the inverted method)
  • A grinder (see our favourite burr coffee grinders here)
  • Whole espresso beans
  • Scales
  • Hot water

Step by step Guide – How To Use An Aeropress

Let’s get our brew on!

  1. Measure out and aim to grind approximately 16-20 grams of very-fine coffee on par with that of a commercial, or industrial, espresso machine
  2. Set kettle to boil and plan to achieve a temperature of approximately 185-degrees Fahrenheit, or just slightly cooler than that which is needed for the Moka Pot method or the French Press (check out how to make French press coffee here)
  3. Place one filter in the larger cylinder and wet with hot water before adding the grounds
  4. Pour the remaining water needed for one cup of coffee into the cylinder and allow the coffee to steep for approximately 10 to 50 seconds
  5. Ready the plunger and cup by seating the first cylinder (with the coffee and water) on top of the cup and then place the second, smaller cylinder on top of both items acting as a single fixture
  6. Carefully depress and extract the coffee into the cup
  7. Based on taste, feel free to add hot water as the brew will be especially concentrated (or use the coffee compass)

⸙ Master Barista Tip No. 1:  safety should come first with this method as too fine a ground can result in a slower extraction process, which might cause the user to ‘force’ the smaller cylinder (i.e., the plunger) into the larger cylinder with enough force to break the cup or beaker

Master Barista Tip No. 2:  the inverted method is a great means for a longer steep, which will only further help the coffee bloom and result in a more flavorful cup of coffee; the inverted method simply sees the brewer nest the smaller cylinder into the larger one upside down, add grounds and water in this make-shift beaker, then put the coffee much on top of the entire apparatus, flip, and depress


Using the AeroPress is fun, new, and innovative way for big bold coffee drinkers to maximize flavor one cup at a time.

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