Delonghi Dedica EC685 Review

So you have decided to up your coffee game and are looking for a decent espresso machine. The odds that you might have stumbled across a DeLonghi are high. DeLonghi has devoted itself to creating some of the best and most functional coffee and kitchen products. How far have they lived up to that standard? We’d say pretty much.

But the real verdict comes down to one of their premium products: the DeLonghi Dedica EC685. The EC685 is a pump-espresso machine that fits in well in just about any modern household. You get a sleek, modern design without sacrificing the taste and quality of your coffee. In addition, the DeLonghi Dedica fairly automates the espresso brewing process and lets you make café-style lattes and cappuccinos. 

On paper, this machine looks like everything a coffee lover looks for. 

However, we took a deep, critical look at this machine and have charted out this comprehensive review for you. We have tested the DeLonghi EC685 M model for this review. 

Our Delonghi Dedica EC685 review aims to examine the features this product has to offer and discuss its implications in a domestic or professional environment. 

DeLonghi Dedica EC685 Key Specs & Features:

Dedica is famous for letting users enjoy a simple espresso machine that takes up only so much real estate. 

At first sight, this machine appears to be an exquisite piece of engineering created solely to satiate one’s caffeine requirements. However, the metallic finish and the compact design make the product look credible and professional.  

The product is about 6 inches wide and can be a handy appliance if the countertop space is scarce. So naturally, this coffee maker can be easily imagined in a studio apartment or a student dorm room. 

De'Longhi EC680M Espresso, Stainless Steel, Metallic (Packaging May Vary)When it comes to the technicalities, let’s start with the portafilter. Three different coffee baskets come in the package with the EC685. These include a single pressurized coffee basket, a double-pressurized coffee basket, and a basket that supports ESE pods. 

The pressurized coffee baskets make sure you get a delicious espresso every time you use the machine. However, the absence of a non-pressurized basket restricts the flavor ceiling for your espresso. If you are a professional barista, then this might be a disappointing drawback. 

The coffee baskets have with them a plastic tamper. Although it is appreciable that they include the tamper-plus-spoon in the package, the tamper itself is very flimsy. In some cases, you might have to buy a sturdier one for yourself. That can be a tricky ordeal too, since the coffee baskets require an unconventional 51mm diameter tamper. Odds are, you might need to get one custom-made.

The Dedica also has a Premium Adjustable Frother on the side. The steam wand is adjustable (more about that in a minute) and allows you to experiment with the lattes and cappuccinos. The frother is relatively easy to use and can initiate you into the world of microfoam and latte art. 

Another exciting feature is the cup warmer plate on the top. This sizable plate can easily house two standard coffee cups and keeps them warm for a respectable period. 

The water tank holds up to 1.1L of water and is removable. The detachability makes the refilling and descaling process very easy for this machine. The water volume is adequate, but the coffee capacity of the machine is restricted. At most, you can have 1-2 cups of espresso at once. In a nuclear family, this might serve them well. However, in a more commercial environment, the machine isn’t as recommendable. 

Below the brew head is the Double Drip Tray that ensures no mess is made while brewing the espresso. The drip tray can also be taken off if you need to fill up a bigger coffee mug. The tray can accommodate cups of up to a very generous 13cm. There is also an indicator feature on the drip tray that announces the need to empty the tray. 

For the features it provides, the Dedica EC685 sits at a moderately high price. With the kind of investment it requires, you should be sure it is the product that is right for you.

But that’s all the physical features. Next, we will try using the Dedica EC685 and evaluate its ease of operation and functionality.

Using The Delonghi Dedica EC685 

Since the high price of the Dedica requires one to think carefully, we will test the Dedica’s features to help you with that. 

The interface on this coffee maker is quite simple. With a careful reading of the instruction manual, you should be able to control the machine effectively. However, people who have trouble dealing with the latest tech might find the interface confusing and congested since all operations revolve around the three buttons on the top: the Single Shot Espresso button, the Double Shot Espresso Button, and the Steam Frother button. 

De'Longhi EC680M Espresso, Stainless Steel, Metallic (Packaging May Vary) The DeLonghi Dedica, once connected to a power supply and turned on, takes slightly more than half a minute to pre-heat itself. The process is fast and controlled thanks to DeLonghi’s own patented Thermoblock technology.

Once you’ve filled the water tank and readied your coffee basket, you can simply attach the portafilter to the brew head. Then, you simply click on either the Single Shot or the Double Shot Espresso button. Within a few seconds, the machine will start pouring a rich espresso into the cup you just placed on the tray. 

The frother on the EC685 is adjustable. With a small sleeve on the steam wand that can be adjusted, you get to choose between hot milk or a cappuccino-style frothed milk. Ensure that you let any hot water run out the nozzle before you continue with the frothing process. 

Once any excess water is let out, you can dip the wand into the milk, up to the marking on the wand. Then, with a simple turn of the dial on the side, you can start the frother.

The steam wand produces a very smooth, shiny foam that becomes a great cup of joe. Although this frothed milk might not be the most suitable for latte art, it can still give you excellent texture. 

The Dedica is impressive, as far as the popular double espressos are in question. You’ll notice a thick, rich espresso coming out of the brew head. The Dedica EC685 also produces a good crema on the top – definitely a talking point among coffee lovers. 

The descaling process has also been kept relatively simple. A few button presses and DeLonghi’s descaler liquid make the short process effective. There is also a reminder indicator that lets you know when the process is required. 

We do have a complaint to make about this coffee maker. Once you have used the frothing machine, the machine requires a short cooldown period before brewing another batch. This can be disadvantageous when you’re looking for a quick caffeine encounter to facilitate your busy schedule. 

The EC685 qualifies as a premium coffee machine, but it has its drawbacks. This machine has very few implications for a professional environment – owing to its limited capacity. However, for personal, domestic use, it gets a huge thumbs up.

DeLonghi Dedica Taste Test 

This product is advertised as a premium coffee machine and adheres to that standard with its taste too. The espresso that the Dedica EC685 produces is thick and shiny. By all means, the coffee made is attractive to look at.

De'Longhi EC680M Espresso, Stainless Steel, Metallic (Packaging May Vary) The espresso is great and renders a rich feel on your palate. The coffee is flavorsome and robust. Even though the end product might make a powerful start on your taste buds, the finish is not quite there. The coffee lacks depth and a full-bodied profile. It’s almost as if the flavor graph rises rapidly and suddenly flatlines at a point. 

Will the coffee get you through the day? Absolutely yes. Does it have the best taste? We won’t claim that. 

People who know a good cup of coffee might agree that the espresso you’ll get from the machine is not comparable to a professionally brewed espresso. Don’t get us wrong here; the coffee has a fantastic taste, but certainly not the best. 

This also has to do with the fact that a non-pressurized filter is not available with this product. Pressurized filters do make the process easy, but they slightly restrict the coffee from reaching the zenith in terms of flavor. 


This coffee maker gets huge ticks when it comes to automation, ease of operation, and build quality. But, for the price point, this is a decent machine.

The best part about this espresso maker is that it is perfect for the entry-level barista. While it keeps things simple, it also provides a hands-on experience working with coffee. The EC685 is fit to brew various types of coffee, including macchiatos and Americanos. In our opinion, it is the perfect training wheels for an amateur. 

In a home where people love a good espresso every once in a while, this machine definitely commands a place. The price-to-feature ratio is fair, given that this is a durable product. Your Dedica EC685 will seldom require repairs or replacement if cared for properly. 

If you value a quick, flavorful coffee, we would recommend you get yourself this machine. Once you do, all it would take is some water, your favorite grounds, and just about a few minutes for your caffeine shenanigans. 

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