The Coffee Compass (infographic)

Get ready to have some fun! The coffee compass is like a game of Monopoly:  let it send you off in the right direction by taking a spin with the compass wheel in the upper, right-hand corner!

Where are you going?  by assessing your current cup o’ joe you might be heading toward more coffee or less extraction; regardless, now you’re onto the lower, right-hand “SQUARE”

NOTE:  this part of the game is all about YOU.  So, if you like a weaker cup (hey, we’re not judging!) then make sure your taste buds and tongue are matching up with those words located in the upper, left-hand corner of the coffee compass, or, in (er) other words:  thin, muted, faint, and gentle.  If you are not achieving this, it’s OK, just go ahead and reduce your coffee grind amount OR increase your water ratio

coffee compass

See?  It’s just that simple and just that fun!  So, go have a play and let us know what you think about your drink!

Coffee Grind Guru
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