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I’ve always wondered if the instant coffee grumps were just being snobs or if there’s something to the flavor differences. This breakdown of instant vs. cold brew sheds some light, and I’m here for it. Let’s give credit where it’s due; instant coffee has come a long way. And by the sounds of it, the top cold-soluble brands are upping their game. Props to Alex for diving into this topic; would love to see a follow-up on how these brands are doing environmentally too.


MaggieQ, any brands you know doing good in the eco-department? Been trying to align my java choices with my green values.


Interesting article, Alex, but I have to disagree on the part about flavor profiles. While you’ve pointed out some key differences between instant and cold brew, the subtleties of freshly ground beans in a meticulously brewed cup can’t be matched. Each method brings something unique to the table, sure, but let’s not overlook the craft of brewing.


cold brew takes forever to make, but guess it’s worth it over instant. flavor’s just not the same. anyone got tricks to speed it up without losing the taste?


Ah, the age-old battle of instant vs. real coffee continues. Next, we’ll be comparing grape juice to fine wine. Here’s a tip: if your coffee dissolves instantly, you’re missing out on life’s finer flavors. But sure, let’s call it ‘convenience’.


always looking for quick coffee solutions in the morning instant coffee has been a lifesaver more than once haven’t tried cold brew much because of the time it takes but might give it a shot now