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really appreciate the cleaning tip for the aeropress gasket, never thought of using vinegar and baking soda. gonna give it a try this weekend. thanks ruud for the useful info!


I’m not completely sure about this, but isn’t the Aeropress gasket made from a type of rubber that’s not really affected by oils, including coffee oils? I think it might have more to do with the degradation of the material over time rather than just the oil. Maybe someone else has more insight on this?


Interesting point, Max. I thought the same until mine started getting sticky too. It’s definitely the oils.


maybe its just happy to see us lol


I don’t own an Aeropress but found this article while browsing. It’s intriguing how maintenance is essential for even the simplest of brewing methods.


Back in my day, we didn’t need all these fancy gadgets and their maintenance headaches. just boil water, add coffee, done.


Fascinating article, Ruud. It’s intriguing to learn about the nuances of maintaining brewing equipment like the Aeropress. The lipid extraction from coffee is known, but the impact it has on equipment over time underscores the importance of regular maintenance. Would love to see more on this topic, perhaps a deep dive into other coffee brewing methods and their maintenance?


hey, does it matter what kind of vinegar i should use for cleaning? And how much water do i mix it with?


While the idea of using a vinegar and baking soda mixture is not new, I believe we need to consider the potential for these substances to interfere with the flavor of future brews. It’s essential to ensure that all traces of vinegar are thoroughly rinsed to prevent any unwanted flavors. Additionally, I wonder if there might be a better solution that is both effective and flavor-neutral.


Good point, BrewMasterK. Flavor neutrality is key. Perhaps diluting the cleaning solution further could help.